Archivo mensual: septiembre 2013

Enjoying my autumn (I)

Agnes Obel: LP Aventine (Pias)

Crystal Stilts: LP Nature Noir (Sacred bones)

Jesu: LP Everyday I get closer to the light from which I came (Avalanche)


Enjoying my summer (XIII)

TRAAMS: LP Grin (Fatcat)

WILD MOTH: LP Over, Again (Asian Man)

YOUNGHUSBAND: LP Dromes (Sonic Cathedral)


Enjoying my summer (XII)

GROOMS: LP Infinite Caller (Western Vinyl)

CELESTIAL SHORE: LP  10 x (Hometapes)

THE PROPER ORNAMENTS: LP Waiting for the summer (Lo recordings)


Enjoying my summer (XI)

JULIANNA BARWICK: LP Nepenthe (Dead Oceans)

CHELSEA WOLFE: LP Pain is Beauty (Sargent House)

WHITE POPPY: LP Selftitled (Not Not Fun)


Enjoying my summer (X)

HOLOGRAMS: LP Forever (Captured Tracks)

TV GHOST: LP Disconnect (In the red recordings)

CALIFONE: LP Stitches (Dead Oceans)