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Aún tengo que decidir cómo, cuándo, qué formato voy a utilizar, cómo lo voy a grabar y otros detalles, pero tengo la firme voluntad de resucitar mi programa de radio.

I still have to decide how, when, what kind of format I’m going to use, how to record it and other details, but I am determined to get my radio show going again.

Summer 2014 (III)

DOUGLAS DARE: LP Whelm (Erased Tapes)

OUGHT: LP More Than Any Other Day (Constellation)

POPSTRANGERS: LP Fortuna (Carpark)


Summer 2014 (II)

CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH: LP Only Run (Xtra Mile recordings)

CENTRO-MATIC: LP Take pride in your long odds (Navigational Transmisions)

OWEN PALLETT: LP In Conflict (Secret City)

Clap-Your-Hands-Say-YeahCento-matic coverOwen-Pallett-In-Conflict-500x500

Summer 2014 (I)

TOTAL CONTROL: LP Typical System (Iron Lung)

THE PROPER ORNAMENTS: Wooden Head (Slumberland)

GENTLE FRIENDLY: LP Kaua’ i o’o a’a (FatCat)


End of the year (III)

Jon Hopkins: LP Immunity (Domino)

Jenny Hval: LP Innocence is kinky (Rune Grammofon)

Earn: LP Hell on earth (Bathetic)


2011 no se acabó todavía..

Peter Broderick: LP Music for confluence (Erased Tapes)

Love Among The Mannequins: LP Radial Images (Function)

Antiques: LP JWNS (Self-released)

Iceage: LP New Brigade